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Symposium d'Agronomie

"Les pistes innovantes dans le domaine de l'irrigation"

Journée 2: 28 Novembre 2019

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Rencontres entre des entreprises, des startups et des scientifiques sur les problèmes et les solutions en matière d'irrigation, OAD, agriculture de précision, gestion et traitement de l'eau, et des réseaux. 

The meeting will take place from 09:00 to 13:00.

Solutions for fruit and vegetable irrigation are of interest to producers, distribution companies and French cooperatives.

Hauts-de-France is a large potato producing region.

French participants are interested in Israeli companies that offer solutions for the irrigation of fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes. (agronomy, sensors, OAD, storage, packaging, sales, ...).

The French participants will present their activities and the problems for which they seek a solution.


During this meeting, Israeli participants will have potential customers in front of them.

Israeli companies will present their products and activities for 10 minutes each. After the various presentations, individual meetings will be organized between the different partners.

French participants having confirmed their presence: 

Emmanuel Du Tertre - Responsable du Service Environnement Chambre d'agriculture de la Somme

Bonduelle (

€ 2 777 m in revenue ;

Bonduelle is a French family-run company and is the current world leader in ready-to-use vegetables, in all their forms. Founded in 1853 by Louis Bonduelle, the group provides over 100 countries with vegetables that are preserved using natural processes, in line with the fundamental values at the base of the company's creation and development.


CoHRIZE ( - Mr. Serge Escuraing 

Expert solutions for piloting and modulation. To maximaze agronomic potential and profitability


McCain ( - Mr. Loic Piat

A leader in the frozen potato market, McCain's mission is to provide consumers with the best of potatoes.

-- voir la présentation

Mr. Michael Bruniaux Sencrop (

The connected ag-weather station available to all.

Connected rain and wind speed gauges for more precise, efficient, and eco-friendly agriculture.

-- voir la présentation

CTIFL Interprofessional Technical Center for Fruits and Vegetables (


Pom'Alliance (

Pom’Alliance is one of France’s leaders in the collection and packaging of fresh potatoes, marketing 250,000 tonnes each year.



Intersnack France, co-leader in the salted snack market, was born from the 2007 merger of Lorenz Bahlsen France and Vico. With more than 600 employees and the largest subsidiary (excluding Germany) of the German Intersnack Group - a key player in the European salted snacking market, they have the ambition to build sustainable leadership in a spirit of conquering challenger, with local brands strong and attractive for their consumers such as Vico, Curly, Monster Munch, and Apérifruits.



Agricultural cooperative specializing in the production of potatoes and vegetables for industrial processing: potatoes (chips and fries), carrots (small, slices, large), onions, salsify, green vegetables (peas, beans, beans) ...

-- voir la présentation


NETAFIM France (



National Union of Potato Producers


The French united voice of farmers and their cooperatives in the European Union


Dr. Francis Lefebvre  SATT NORD (


CITC (contactless technologies) – Digital Innovation Hub - (  TBC

INVIVO - 3 fields of expertise agriculture, retail and wine

5500 employees Revenue 5.2 Billion Euros

A network of 201 members cooperatives.

-- voir la présentation

8 sociétés et startup israéliennes depuis Tel Aviv:

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