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Help the survivors of horror : $1,000 = 1 person saved

On October 7th, a terrible pogrom struck Israel, resulting in over 1,200 deaths and leaving thousands of people traumatized.


The France Israel Foundation is urgently appealing to your generosity to support these survivors. The psychological care for one person costs $1,000.


Our goal is to support 1,000 individuals, totaling one million dollars.

Currently, we already have $500,000, and the first support groups have already begun.


With your help, we will be able to fund all these therapeutic groups, providing them with one session per week for a duration of 4 months. Together, we can give the survivors hope and the necessary tools to recover.

Every donation matters; together, let's bring life back to the survivors of horror. Make a donation today by clicking the button below.

Document Fondation France Israel fjsdnfkjsdnf.png

"Emily's father shared that his 9-year-old daughter whispered upon her release, thinking she had spent a year in Gaza. His goal is to 'mend his broken child.'"

"Hadas stated that her children, Erez, 12, and Sahar, 16, appeared like shadows of themselves: 'they no longer have the same expression on their faces.' Just like little Yahel, 3 years old..."


If you wish to send your donation by post, thank you to make your check payable to the France-Israel Foundation (specifying for which of our partners)

and send it to: France-Israel Foundation - BP 20024 - 75362 PARIS CEDEX 08


The France Israel Foundation offers:​​

- One Time donation​

- Monthly donation


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