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75 Years of Relations Between France and Israel

Paris, June 17, 2024 - Senate

Registration : 8h30 - 9h
Opening Speech : 9h - 9h30


- Mrs. Muriel Haïm, President of the France-Israel Foundation 

- Senator P. Kanner TBC

- H.E. Mr. Joshua Zarka, Ambassador of Israel to France TBC

Round Table No.1 : 9h30 - 10h30  -75 Years of Franco-Israeli Relations
Moderator : David Harari

  1. The Historical Links of France with the Holy Land
    Daniel Saada :
    From the capitulations agreement of 1536 between the Ottoman Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent and the King of France Francis I, and the capitulations between the sovereigns of the two states aiming at the protection of pilgrims and holy sites in Palestine... until the establishment of Israel.

  2. The Diplomatic Dimension
    Éric Danon :
    French recognition of Israel; the golden age of Franco-Israeli relations (1948-1967); the ambivalences of relations (1967-2000); the current period, since 2000.

  3. The Spiritual Dimension
    Father Louis-Marie CoudrayFrench possessions in the Holy Land; the realization of the desire of Father Abbot Paul du Bec-Hellouin; Judeo-Christian relations

Round Table No.2 : 10h30 - 11h30 - Areas of Cooperation

  1. Areas of Cooperation
    Georges Diener :
    - Cultural, Artistic, and Academic Cooperation
    - Activities of the French Institute in Israel

  2. Franco-Israeli Scientific Relations
    David Harari :
    - Historical overview of relations
    - The Franco-Israeli High Council for Science and Technology

  3. Economic and Commercial Relations
    Dov Zerah

Round Table No.3 : 11h30 - 12h30 - Political Perspectives for the Future

Moderator : Gerard Unger

  1. Consequences of the Israel-Hamas War on the Geopolitical Balance of the Region.
    Emmanuel Navon

  2. Consequences of the Events of October 7, 2023, on the Israeli and Palestinian Populations
    Michael Herzog
    / Sociologist TAU being identified

  3. The Franco-Israeli Relationship in the Face of Geopolitical Upheavals in the Middle East
    Eric Danon

Conclusion : 12h30 - 13h00

Roger Karoutchi (TBC), Eric Danon & Muriel Haim

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