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Symposium :

7 keys to keep courage and confidence

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How to Find Courage?

How to have confidence in oneself, in life, in its ever-new emergence? How to find strength?

How to know to say no? How to nourish within us the most righteous desire?

"Since Socrates, philosophy has invited us to an extraordinary adventure: not to give up in the face of injustice, not to accept being at the mercy of events, to find the strength, the breath, to manifest our humanity.

In this conference, I will present you with 7 keys to regain confidence and courage. I will base this on the lessons from great philosophers, but also on the work of numerous therapists and psychiatrists with whom I regularly collaborate, as well as on recent discoveries in neuroscience.

You will discover fruitful paths that will concretely guide your own existence."

Fabrice Midal

Registration required :

May 15, 2024

19h30 - 21h00

May 16, 2024

19h00 - 20h30

At Daniel Horowitz's

Registration required :



Fabrice Midal is a renowned French philosopher, meditation teacher, and bestselling author, notably of "The Art of Meditation" and "Screw Being Fine! Start Living Instead." He is recognized for his practical and accessible approach to mindfulness and personal development.

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