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Franco-Israeli seminar

Expensive innovative therapies: are our health care systems capable of handling them?

Innovative therapies (medications, medical devices, treatment procedures) are entering the market at unprecedented prices. Some gene therapies, for example, cost over 1 million euros. This trend not only affects the pharmaceutical field but also includes medical devices, prosthetics, and even surgical procedures. The ability of healthcare systems to accommodate these new therapies without delay when they meet genuine needs requires finding transitional reimbursement models while waiting for cost reductions.

The objective of this seminar is to facilitate the exchange of viewpoints among institutional and industrial leaders from both countries in order to identify potential pathways for the future.

Tel Aviv University

Sunday, November 5, 2023

8:00 AM - 6 PM

Entrance Gate 4 - After Hall, Naftali building - Faculty of Social Sciences

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8:00 AM

Coffee cakes opening

8:30 AM

Opening Greetings

9:00 AM

Key note address

9:40 AM

Health economist's perspective

10:20 AM

Coffee Break

11 AM

From Research  to the patient

12 AM

From Research to the patient

Moderator: J.M Grognet

12:40 AM

Lunch Break

2:10 PM

The regulator's point of view

Moderator: N. Darvish

3:10 PM

The point of view of the industry and investors

Moderator: P. Tibi

4:10 PM

Coffee Break

4:40 PM

Law and ethics

Moderator: P. Curmi

5:20 PM

Final Remarks

6 PM

End of the Workshop

Dr. Muriel Haim,

president of  France-Israel Foundation

Dr Jean-Marc Grognet,

former reserch director CEA

“From small molecules to biologics: 30 years of a continuous increase in drug prices”

Prof. Philippe Tibi

Professor of finance,

Ecole polytechnique, Head of the Tech financing task force, French Ministry of Finance

“ Leveraging private financing to achieve public health innovative solutions objectives. Results and Takeaways from France “

Dr. Frederic Revah

CEO Genethon

 “Gene therapy, a revolution at what cost”

Dr. Muriel Dahan,

Director Research and Development Unicancer

“Advancing research to give patients better access to innovation”

Dr. Pierre Jean Lancry,

Former Deputy Director of Cnam, in charge of drugs and medical devices

“Are we innovative to finance innovation?”

Prof. Nicolas Levy,

Rare diseases director, Servier

Innovative therapies in small populations with high unmet medical: towards a sustainable model?

Sylvain Humbert


“Legal Perspective versus Ethical Approach”

Prof. Patrick Curmi

MD, PhD.

Research Director at INSERM,

Evry-Paris Saclay University

Dr. Itay Shurtz

Economist Ben Gurion University

"Healthcare Expenditures: Some Traditional Explanations in an Era of Innovations"

Prof. Avi Domb,

Chief Scientist Ministry for Innovation  Science and Technology (MOST)

“Biotech in Israel”

Dr. Itay Shurtz

Economist Ben Gurion University

"Healthcare Expenditures: Some Traditional Explanations in an Era of Innovations"

Prof. Avi Domb,

Chief Scientist MOST

« Non viral gene therapy »

Prof. Gabriel Malka

Dean Mohamed VI University Marocco

“Biotechnology and new therapies: an approach for emerging countries”

Prof. Ronen Loebstein  

Director, Institute of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology and Drug Management Division, Sheba Medical center

“Towards a data driven learning hospital – The Sheba Medical Center experience”

Prof. D. Ben Yehuda,

Dean Med. School, HUJI Head Oncology dept.

”The assessment and funding processes in rare diseases A rare disease should not receive a rare priority”

Nissim Darvish

Managing General Partner at Eliraz Ventures.

“Treatment in face of crisis”

Dr. Sarit Smila Sened

Bob Shapell School of Social Work Tel Aviv University

« Justice and Health Care"

Prof. Itai Sened

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Tel Aviv University

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