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Crossing Perspectives


Crossing perspectives

Symposium on people with physical or mental disabilities, barriers and levers to improve inclusion in society.

This symposium under the patronage of  Minister S. Cluzel and with her participation had been held in the Senate where we were received by Senator Philippe Dallier, president of the group of Friendship France Israel.

This symposium, entitled "Crossing Perspectives on Disability" aimed to analyze the way in which French and Israeli societies look at people with physical and / or mental disabilities, including people with autism.

This symposium discussed successful inclusion experiences, but also the brakes and levers.


The symposium took place at the Senate on March 28 2019 




09:30-09:45                     Introduction  


Senator Philippe Dallier 


Dr. Muriel Haim, President  France Israël Foundation


09:45-10:05                     Mrs.  Sophie Cluzel, Minister of disabled people


10:05-10:50                     Political point of view


Senator Alain Milon, President of the  Commission of social affairs, France Prospective on  Handicap, France


Senator Philippe Mouiller, memberof the  Commission of social affairs France, New thoughts on financing handicap,France


Mr. Elie Elalouf, parlement member, President of the  Commission of social affair at the Knesset, Israël


10:50-11:30                     Disabled people and the society 


Mr. Patrice Tripoteau, Deputy General Director APF France Handicap, France


Dr. Shirli Werner, Head of department  of studies on the handicap, Hebrew University Jérusalem, Israël



11:30-11:50                      Key Note speaker on innovation


Mr. René FrançoisGermain, Director accessibility  Orange Cie, France


11:50-12:30                       Financing social protection, which evolution ? 


Mr. Gidéon Shalom, Associate General Director Ministry of social affairs, Israël


Mr. Denis Piveteau, Counsillor of state, President of the committee of  déontology , miistry of social affairs, France



12:30-1:10                      Building Public policies


Mrs. Marie-Anne Montchamp, President National solidarity found for autonomy , former secretary of state for disabled people, France 

Mr.Eran Tamir, Director of legal department, Ministry of justice,  Israël




2:30-3:10                      Education, element of inclusion or rejection marker ? 


Mrs. Sophie Biette, President UNAPEI Loire-Atlantique, member of the board  of UNAPEI and of the autism commission, France 


Mr. Shahar Bar Yeduda,director of the educational program of NGO ALUT, Israël

(The Israeli Society for Children and Adults with Autism) 



3:10-3:50                      Employment of disable people, a chance or a burden for companies ? 


Mrs. Yaara Alon, Regional director INTEL  Israël


Mr. Jean François Dufresne, Director Andros, France



3:50-4:30                      Army as an element of integration and recognition 


Mr. Tal Vardi, co-founder of program Roïm Rahok, Israël


Lieutenant-colonel Eric Villot- Ministry of defense , France


Mrs. Martine Ricard, National delegate for handicap, Ministry of defense, France



4:30-4:40                     A surprise guest 


4:40-4:50                    Conclusion and futur perspectives


Mr. Prosper Teboul, Director APF - France handicap, France

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"The Franco-Israeli Crusaders' Symposium on Modes of Inclusion of People with Disabilities" fulfilled the expectations of those participants who are already planning a symposium back to Israel in 2020 around technology and disability. Special thanks to Sophie Cluzel Secretary of State for People with Disabilities to Senator Philippe Dallier and to all the speakers who passionate us. "

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