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The Travel of French Students to Israel

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The France Israel Foundation will invest more in intensifying the travel of students from the "grandes écoles" and universities in order to bring together French and Israeli decision-makers of tomorrow and create bridges to promote economic, scientific and cultural exchange.

The France Israel Foundation will work with student associations and / or universities / colleges to participate in the construction of the programs and thus facilitate contacts with Israeli companies, universities, stakeholders, speakers. The Foundation will organize a student tracking system with students

Given the international health situation, we regret to announce that we have had to cancel the rest of the student trips.

We would however like to thank all the students for the work they have provided this year and hope to find them even more next year!

The 4 students who were to do internships in Israel between May and September are in contact with the structures which must welcome them to find alternative solutions such as teleworking.

Some photos of the trips of this year befor the Covid-19
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