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Franco-Israeli cross-views
on the modes of inclusion of people with disabilities

Crossing perspectives crossing persepectives 

Symposium on people with physical or mental disabilities, barriers and levers to improve inclusion in society.

This symposium under the patronage of  Minister S. Cluzel and with her participation will be held in the Senate where we will be received by Senator Philippe Dallier, president of the group of Friendship France Israel.

This symposium, entitled "Crossing Perspectives on Disability" aims to analyze the way in which French and Israeli societies look at people with physical and / or mental disabilities, including people with autism.

This symposium will discuss successful inclusion experiences, but also the brakes and levers.

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"Franco-Israeli cross-views on the modes of inclusion of people with disabilities" fulfilled the expectations of those participants who are already planning a symposium back to Israel in 2020 around technology and disability. Special thanks to Sophie Cluzel Secretary of State for People with Disabilities to Senator Philippe Dallier and to all the speakers who passionate us. "

Given the international health situation, The symposium on Technology at the service of people with disabilities, which was to be held in Israel, is postponed, the date will be decided with t Mrs. S. Cluzel, Secretary of State for Persons with Disabilities.

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